Help from Caritas South Russia to the refugees from Ukraine

???????????????????????????????Since September 2014, Caritas Priazovie under the coordination of Diocesan Caritas in Saratov has started to realize program of the help to the refugees from Ukraine, located in the Rostov region. Caritas South of Russia asked donations for the project among members of Caritas Europe. CRS (office in Bosnia), Caritas Germany, Caritas Spain, Caritas Italy, Caritas Austria, Caritas Belgium have agreed to finance the project.

???????????????????????????????Since the end of September till the middle of November 2014 help was provided to 142 refugees. The refugees received  food, hygiene products and bedding. On supervision of employees of Caritas Priazovie the considerable part of refugees is shocked. Not so long ago people had the work which is bringing in the sufficient income, normal living conditions, some savings, and now they lost everything. Now their life is very much dependent on the mercy of relatives and strangers. However, it should be noted that many refugees want to return to a normal life, find a job or to continue their studies at University, to integrate into the local society.

The help from Caritas gives strong moral support for refugees, helping to overcome difficulties and to feel support from other people.

Vadim Naboychenko, 
Diocesan Caritas Coordinator for emergency projects

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